About me

“Jong geleerd is oud gedaan” my parents must have thought when I went with them to the fairs as a 7-year-old. And with that, the foundation was laid for a future in the outdoor world.
After completing my legal education in 2020, I started working in my father's company. He taught me the tricks of the trade and still provides me with knowledge and experience.

When there were plans to move to Sweden, our company in the Netherlands was sold. The idea arose for me to set up something in outdoor myself. And where better to do that than in Sweden. After selling Grills and Stoves I worked for a few months at the new location. There I encountered the first brand of Eld och Uteliv, Njord.

Eld och Uteliv is concerned with finding and selling sustainable and fairly produced products. With Eld och Uteliv we are strongly service-oriented, we love solid quality and our customers.
I cordially invite you to take a look at the website.