Rofco Dough Kneaders: Professional-Quality Spiral Mixers”

Rofco offers two different dough kneaders, both of which are spiral mixers where both the spiral and the bowl are driven by the motor. These robust appliances are qualitatively equivalent to professional kneaders and cannot be compared to various kitchen robots. They are ideal for kneading all types of firm dough. In approximately 10 minutes, you achieve perfectly kneaded dough. Additionally, these kneaders can also be used for mixing meat and fish salads.

Mechanical Features:

  • Full Steel Construction: The bowl, kneading hook, and protective grid are made from high-quality polished stainless steel.
  • Ball Bearings: All moving parts are equipped with ball bearings.
  • Primary Transmission: Either ribbed belts or V-belts.
  • Subsequent Transmissions: Simplex chains soaked in long-life chain lubricant.

Electrical Features:

  • Single-Phase Motor with Air Cooling
  • Start-Stop Switch
  • Motor Protection for All Models

Safety Features:

  • Zero-Voltage Protection: Prevents the device from automatically restarting after a power interruption.
  • Protective Grid Safety Switch: Ensures that the appliance cannot operate with an open grid.

(Note: Construction and model changes are subject to updates.)

N5: Single speed

N5: Variable speed

Rofco N5 

The N5 Variable Compact Dough Kneader takes up only 28 cm of your countertop space. It features a full steel construction for long-lasting enjoyment. The protective grid includes a safety switch. This kneader can handle up to 5 kg of dough.

The N5 kneader is available in two versions: one with a single speed and white covering, and the other with variable speed and gray covering. It’s a versatile and compact choice for home bakers!

Motorvermogen 0,37 kw
Kuipinhoud 7 Liter
Deegcapaciteit 5 kg
Afmetingen (mm.) 440H/280B/520D
Gewicht 36 kg
Aansluiting 230 V. mono

 en hastighet SEK 11.875,00 / flera hastigheter SEK 15.250,00

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N15/20: Tilted head

Rofco N15/20

The N15 and N20 models are suitable for kneading larger quantities of dough. They also work perfectly with as little as 2 kg of dough. These kneaders do not require any special power supply; they operate on a standard electrical outlet. They feature a full steel construction and comply with all legal safety requirements.

Additionally, both models can be delivered with a tilted head option

N15 N20
Motorvermogen 0,55 kw 0,75 kw
Kuipinhoud 16 Liter 22 Liter
Deegcapaciteit min. 2 kg 2 kg
Deegcapaciteit max. 12 kg 17 kg
Afmetingen kuip 317x210 365x240
Afmetingen (mm.) 570H/340B/630D 660H/385B/730D
Gewicht 48 kg 69 kg
Aansluiting 230 V. mono 230 V. mono

N 15 SEK 17.995,00 / N 20 SEK 20.995,00  / Med fällbart huvud + 1 000,00 SEK

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